CIPE Newsletter’ında yer alan TKYD’nin TEİD ile yürüttüğü “Collective Action Through Anti-Corruption” projesi kapsamında yürütülen çalışmalar ile ilgili haberdir.

CIPE Update for April 11, 2016

CIPE partners in Turkey meet with SMEs and family-owned enterprises to develop anti-corruption compliance guidelines; Blair Glencorse of Accountability Lab joins CIPE podcast to discuss how to use technology and social media to engage youth in initiatives to build integrity; Mauritius Institute of Directors develops Integrity Pledge for private sector companies

Turkey – The Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) held a consultation session in Bursa, Turkey with SMEs and family-owned enterprises on how the private sector can adopt ethical business and anti-corruption compliance measures. Participants reviewed compliance guidelines TEID is currently developing with the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) and provided feedback on their needs regarding integrating compliance principles into their businesses. This consultative session is part of a series of outreach and awareness raising activities TEID and TKYD are conducting to advance the adoption of ethical business practices and anti-corruption compliance measures in Turkish businesses.