The “List of Those Who Access Insider Information” webinar organized by the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey on March 26, 2021 was held with success. At the event, the nature of the list of people who have access to inside information, which expresses information, events and developments that have not yet been disclosed to the public that may affect the value, price or investment decisions of investors, were discussed.

Head of TKYD Capital Markets Working Group and Bilkent University Faculty of Law Lecturer Prof. Dr. In the event moderated by Çağlar Manavgat, Chief Expert of the Capital Markets Board Market Surveillance and Audit Department İbrahim Bülent Tokgöz, Eczacıbaşı Holding Capital Markets Director Dr. Şule Korkmaz, TKYD Board Member and Ümit Yayla Attorney’s Managing Partner Adv. Ümit Yayla took place as a speaker.

Please click to watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel.