Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği

The Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) has decided to implement the organization of corporate membership with the decision #71 of the Corporate Board, dated 15 November 2007.TKYD has been pursuing its activities since 2003 with the goal of contributing to the development and recognition of corporate governance principles and their proper implementation and the fulfillment of best corporate governance practices. With the goals of increasing the strength of the Association’s activities and expanding areas of cooperation with other organizations committed to leadership in the issue of corporate governance, the following basic principles in the corporate membership arrangement are:

Corporate members will be represented at the Association by five representatives; the representatives will be placed on the Association Principal Members list and will have the same membership rights and conditions. In the event of a business change or a similar change, the corporate member has the right to appoint a new representative, whose membership acceptance will be confirmed by the Association’s Corporate Board. The corporate member will have the right to one vote on the General Board by a representative designated by the corporate member.

In all of the Association’s conference bulletins and conferences, space will be given for the corporate members’ logos, subject to confirmation by the event’s main sponsor who has arranged the activity with the Association.

The corporate members’ logos will be placed in the monthly e-bulletin and the tri-monthly “Corporate Governance Magazine” published by the Association. Corporate members will receive a discount of 50% in the price for advertisements in Association publications. Corporate members will receive 30 free copies of all Association publications.

Joint conferences with the corporate member as the main sponsor will be arranged with topics and speakers suggested by the corporate member, following evaluation by the Association’s Corporate Board.

The corporate member may be represented in the working groups formed by the Association under the condition that its working group members do not exceed 10% of all members.

Corporate members will receive a 30% discount on all fee-based activities organized by the Association.

Corporate members’ logos will be placed on the front page of the Association’s website together with links to the corporate members’ website.

Twenty people from the corporate members will be able to participate in all free activities organized by the Association. Invited participants may include those who do not belong to the corporate member.

Corporate members may distribute reports, research, and publications in which it declares itself as a main sponsor and corporate member of the Association in issues which coincide with the Association’s mission and vision.

The following are the Association’s requirements, per its by-laws, to be able to join as a Corporate Member:


  • Be an institution according to Turkish laws.
  • Not be deprived of the right to be a member of an association, per the ruling of the Associations Law numbered 5253,
  • To be a member of the Association, a written request must be sent by an authorized institution or persons that represent and are bound to the legal individual,
  • Not be included on the Turkish Capital Market Law 46/i List Concerning People and Institutions Designated as Banned from Performing Transactions in the Stock Market or Other Organized Markets,
  • In the event of membership of the company’s legal personailty, the president of the company’s corporate board or the person designated as the president’s representative will be able to vote. When this person’s presidency or the designated representative’s term ends, the corporate member must inform the Association of the name of the legal person who will be appointed to vote.


Required Information:


  • Letter from the authorized person together with authorization document or photocopy of the corporate board/ collective board related to the desire to become a corporate member,
  • Signature Circular
  • Business Registry Journal
  • Representative’s Residency Permit, Copy of ID card, and four photos


Legal representative acceptance procedure:

To become an Association member, a “Membership Application” form must be filled out, with a minimum of three signatures by current Association members, fulfilling all necessary membership requirements as established by the Association’s by-laws and accepting the provisions of the Association’s by-laws, and the legal person’s residency permit, a photocopy of the ID card, four photos, signature circular, Business Registry Journal, and letter from the authorized person together with authorization document or photocopy of the corporate board/ collective board related to the desire to become a corporate member

The Corporate Board will inform the applicant of the membership decision by written letter, through a majority vote accepting or rejecting the application within thirty (30) days of receipt of the membership application.

Upon acceptance to the Association’s membership, the applicant will be processed into the “Association Member Registry.” The necessary Entry Fee and Annual Fee will be assessed. As long as these fees are not paid, Association Membership will not be completed.