Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği

Board of Directors Working Group

Board of Directors has a critical role regarding the implementation and the supervision of corporate governance.  Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, thus, aims to contribute on that process through its activities, training programs and seminars. 

To raise awareness about the position of the Board Secretary who is responsible for controlling the compatibility of company organs and authorization with laws and the internal documents of the company is another aim of the working group. Board Secretary has a crucial impact on the process of developing the fields of corporate governance activities, especially with the new Turkish law. Therefore, the working group also attempts to organize various panels, seminars and training programs by inviting instructors specialized in this area.

Working Group Chair: Ali Kamil Uzun

Responsible Board Members: Perihan İnci, Eray Akdağ, Ali Kamil Uzun, Av. Nihal Mashaki, Murat Selek

Our members who wish to take part in the working groups can contact Hande Gürtepe (hgurtepe@tkyd.org), Training and Project Director at TKYD office.