Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği

Substitute Board Member

Sanofi Public Affairs and Market Access Director of Turkey & Levent

Graduated from University of Marmara Communication Sciences, served as communication consultant for international companies. He led a number of national programs; “The School Milk Program” “Daytime Running Light” “Fight against street milk”. He continued his career at Doğan Media Group, Pegasus Airlines, Skoda Yüce Auto, Holiday Inn International and IELEV Education Foundation.

He has appointed as the Secretary General to TKYD – Corporate Governance Association of Turkey in 2003.  During his career at TKYD, he has coordinated and overseen the execution of a range of corporate governance initiatives throughout Turkey.  Both organizing and presenting at governance workshops and related events, Karacar has developed a firmly grounded knowledge of the principles of corporate governance and the unique needs of Turkey’s private sector in seeking to uphold them. In addition to the above, he served as National Program Coordinator to United Nations Development Program and steering committee member to CIPE, DC. 

As Tofaş External Relations Director from 2016 to 2021, Karacar acted as a board member of Automotive Industry Association – OSD, member of TOBB Automotive Industry Council and member of Turkish – Italian Business Council. He has appointed as Public Affairs and Market Access Director of Sanofi Turkey & Levant as of January 2021. He is a board member of Corporate Governance Association of Turkey and Ethics & Reputation Association of Turkey.