Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği

Training Specialist

Born in Istanbul in 1994, Semen Kılıç was entitled to enter Nişantaşı University Cinema and Television department in 2013. Having been active in the field of art (painting-oil painting, music-violin) for about 5 years, she started her voluntary career with the first Oil Painting Exhibition she opened in 2019. She decided to switch to the social services sector on the occasion of the painting exhibition she plans to hold in Darülaceze in 2020.

Semen Kılıç, who graduated from Istanbul Medipol University, Department of Social Services, completed her compulsory university internship at the Turkish Children in Need of Protection/Koruncuk Foundation and then started her career at the Family Counseling Center of the Turkey Children in Need of Protection/Koruncuk Foundation. After the Counseling Center, she continued within the foundation as the Psycho-Social Service Social Activities Coordinator and Cultural Center Coordinator in the Girls’ Dormitories. She continued her duty in the artistic course, daily plan, internal and external activities, organization planning and coordination between units, and monitoring and execution of the Cultural Center activities of all children in the girls’ dormitories.