Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği

Substitute Board Member

Secretary General at İnci Holding

Filiz Morova İneler graduated from Ankara Anatolian High School, studied Environmental Engineering at Middle East Technical University and started her professional life as a TÜBİTAK researcher on Sustainable Development-Clean Production at METU. Afterwards, she worked at Izmir Development Agency for 8 years within the scope of Planning and Programming activities; Sustainability, Institutional Capacity Development in Private Sector and NGOs, Regional and Sector Strategies, Clustering, Innovation, Ecoversion studies and Sustainable Development and Grant Programs design processes.

In 2014, she started working as Secretary General at İnci Holding and has been working on Corporate Governance since then. She has also been responsible for ethics management and sustainability in the organization since 2016. Filiz Morova İneler completed her MBA for Executives at Izmir University of Economics in 2019 and graduated from TEİD Academy “Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management” Program in 2020 and TKYD “Board Membership Mentoring and Development Program” in 2022. 

Filiz Morova İneler, who enjoys sharing knowledge and creating value together, is an Alternate Board Member and Volunteer of İnci Foundation, Alternate Board Member of TEİD Ethical Reputation Association, and Audit Board Member of METU Aegean Alumni Association. She is also a member of the Turkish Family Business Association and Aegean Industrialists and Business People’s Association-Sustainability Committees. Filiz Morova is a wife and mother of two wonderful children, one girl and one boy and loves playing volleyball and traveling. Her interests include polyphonic music, dancing and yoga.