Mustafa Doğrusoy

Substitute Board Member
MD Yönetim ve Strateji Danışmanlık, Founder

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Yıldız University in 1981 and his graduate degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University in 1983. He has been providing consulting services to firms on Management, Strategy and Investment areas including Mergers and Acquisitions, loan financing and strategic partnerships. Within the Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Markets guidelines, he has been consulting to firms on Corporate Governance, Corporate Risk Management and Corporate Finance management as well as Institutionalization of Family Businesses. He has been a member of Executive and Management Boards across number of esteemed organizations in Turkeyfor many years. Currently he is on the Management Board of Garanti Yatirim Ortakligi A.S. ve Dogus Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi A.S acting as the independent member. Since 2006, he has been a member of Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, taking on responsibilities on number of task forces like Family Business Working group, Capital Markets Working group, Civil Society Organizations Working Group and Impact of Politics on Corporate Governance Working groups.